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Monday, 23 July 2012

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How to: Manage Basic Settings in blogger.

New to Blogger? After creating your blog don't just start blogging because you need to know and configure some settings for your newly created blog on Blogger Platform. From your BlogSpot dashboard, click “Settings” which will lead you to do some basic settings and tweak your blog.
setting basic
Under the Settings tab, the first thing you need to do is a basic setup for your blog. So let’s discuss the options.
Blog Tools: In Blog Tools Menu you have three options as follows:
  1. Import blog ( to Import Your Previous Blog “file must be in xml format” )
  2. Export blog ( to export your current blog in the form of xml file)
  3. Delete blog (to delete your blog completely)
first 2  comes handy because you can backup your blog by clicking the “Import blog button”.
Title: Give a title for your blog. It will be better if you choose a title that matches your blog’s content.
Description (Optional): Don’t forget to give a nice and brief description with some keywords in it. But I prefer to leave it blank as you may don't want to have same description for the posts that you write for SEO reason.
Add your blog to our listing: This will add your blog to Google's blog list. You will also find a navbar on top of your blog which enables you to search and go to next or previous blog that are listed and linked with If you want others to come to your blog through these options, you may select “Yes” otherwise “No”.
Let search engines find your blog: If you want your BlogSpot blog to be found by the search engines then select “Yes” otherwise “No” if you want to blog privately.
Show Quick Editing on your Blog: This option will let you to automatically add a quick edit icon to your blog posts after they are published. Only you can see this button after logging in to your blogger account. This allows you to quickly edit your post form your blog directly.
Show Email Post links: Select “Yes” if you want to add a small “Email to Friends” button beneath your blog posts.
Adult Content: Select “Yes” if your blog contains adult content which will ask you blog viewers to confirm that they want to proceed to your blog, otherwise “No”.
Now comes to Global Settings that will be applied to all of your blogs.
Select post editor: There you will find “Updated editor”, “Old editor” and “Hide compose mode” which will not contain WYSIWYG editor. You may like to select the updated editor because it’s easy to write and format your posts accordingly.
Enable transliteration: If enabled, it will let you add a toolbar to the editor to convert English language to users selected language.
At last, save your basic settings for your blog.

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